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I am writing to graciously thank Legal Shield for your service, and acknowledge the Dempsey, Roberts & Smith law firm, and to especially to praise Attorney Kristyn Travis. Kristyn, listened carefully and offered and carefully explained my options. After the discussion, I chose to begin with a letter. Kristyn wrote the letter that captured my complaint. Within five days of receiving the letter, the company called me and was willing to meet all that I requested. Kristyn has such a kind, professional manner and provided me with excellent customer service. KRISTYN IS AWESOME! - Kate D.

I would like to thank Legal Shield and the law firm of Dempsey, Roberts and Smith for their commitment to assisting me in a very stressful legal issue. I also want to thank Vicki and Kristy (Vicki Staples and Kristyn J. Travis, Esq.) for their patience and understanding during my legal battle. They were more than willing to listen to my issue and let me vent my frustrations to them. Their efforts resulted in a positive outcome for me that I probably wouldn’t have gotten without their help. A letter from their law firm was all it took to convince the defendant in my case to capitulate and issue a check for the full amount of the requested settlement and an apology for making me go to the lengths I did to get my settlement. I would highly recommend Legal Shield and Dempsey, Roberts, and Smith to help you with any of your legal matters.
- Lynn R.

Joseph Dempsey is wonderful!! He prepared my mother's trust in 2011 and was very thorough in finding out what we needed and then putting it all together. My mom was recovering from a stroke and he was so patient and kind with her at the signing. I have consulted with him several times over the past 3 years and his answers are always straight forward and you can be sure the information is accurate. He is always prompt to call back and is extremely knowledgeable. Joseph is comfortable to talk to, very professional and yet down to earth. It has been my pleasure to have him assist me with my legal matters!! No wonder Dempsey Roberts and Smith are number one!!! - Susan K.

I am writing this testimonial in regards to the great service I have repeatedly received from the Dempsey, Roberts and Smith law firm. From handling my traffic tickets, which Attorney (Karen) Grant-Head does an absolutely fantastic job at, to my most recent situation in which Attorney Kristyn J. Travis went into action immediately after receiving my call. She gave me great advice and wrote an awesome demand letter to the company I was having a problem with. She gave the company 10 days to resolve the dispute, and I happy to report the company resolve the situation with me within the 10 days and I received a full refund. That’s what I call having an attorney on my side. I’m not rich but since my membership is so affordable, I am able to even the playing field when comes to legal and traffic issues with Attorneys Grant-Head, Attorney Travis, along with the entire staff of Dempsey, Roberts and Smith on my team. - Tonnette B.

I called your office and was connected with your Attorney Reginald Russell. I was so impressed with him. He was super helpful. He gave me very good suggestions. I would certainly recommend him and his firm. I have also used this firm in other matters. - C.J. T. - Daniel N.

Legal Shield, I feel compelled to take a few minutes to acknowledge the prompt service and professionalism it was my pleasure to experience with DRS Attorneys. My request was at the end of a business day in April of 2014 and I expected to receive a call back the next day. Senior Partner Joseph F. Dempsey, called a bit after 5 pm on the same day and we engaged in a rundown of my wants, needs and concerns. Mr. Dempsey was patient listening to my little story and explained how each of his suggestions might impact my future needs. I had questions regarding several of the options he described and he took as much time with me as I needed to grasp the concepts of those options. For me this advice and council call was all anyone could expect. Kudos to Mr. Dempsey, his firm, and to Legal Shield for having the good sense to use this firm to deliver their services. Sincerely, A Satisfied Customer - Daniel N.

Dear Gentlemen, I am writing to express my extreme pleasure with dealing with Attorney Eduardo Rivera ... He is an awesome representative of your firm. My case has been going on for 4+ years and “Ed” has always been in frequent communication with me and during times when the case has gone dormant, so to speak, he would call me for an update. I have been a legal Shield member for several years and will stay a member based on my experience to date largely as a result of Ed’s efforts and professionalism. I also recommend Legal Shield to everyone I can. Your firm is very fortunate to have a Ed as a part of your Legal Shield program! Sincerely - Mark C.

Attorney Reginald Russell: Before I give you my testimony, I would like to thank the Law Firm of Dempsey, Robert & Smith for providing Legal Shield. It has been a GREAT help for me. I was in a car accident, and it was a hit and run. My insurance company total my car. They wanted to give my Finance Company a check, take my car, and leave me with a balance. I called the Law office of Dempsey, Robert, and Smith. and Attorney Russell called me back promptly. I told the Attorney what was happening. Attorney Russell stated to me and I quote "NORMALLY THE FINANCE COMPANY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CAR, THEY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY, CALL THE INSURANCE BACK AND TELL THEM YOU WANT TO BUY THE CAR BACK". i called my insurance and told them what Attorney Russell said verbatim, and they ask me "YOU HAVE AN ATTORNEY". and I said YES, NOW WHAT ABOUT THAT? My Insurance Company put me on hold and called my Finance Company, and ask them can I keep the car? My Finance Company said, I quote "WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CAR, WE CARE ABOUT THE MONEY, YES SHE CAN KEEP THE CAR". My insurance company gave my Finance Company a check, I keep the car, and I only have two payment left to pay and the car belong to me. I thank Attorney Russell, he help me kill two birds with one stone. I keep the car, and after my last payment my credit goes up. NOW WHAT ABOUT THAT"? - Lynell L.

Reginald Russell, Esq., is a breath of fresh air. I called with a copyright infringement issue I had in good faith done and he was able to advise me on the legality (which technically says one thing), but also on the real life impact (which says the opposite). It was more like a lightening of my load than a legal conversation. So thank you, Reginald! You made my life much easier and my day lovely. Everything I have ever paid to Legal Shield was worth this short conversation. Thank you, Reginald. - Gwendalyn G.

Hi! I want to express how grateful I am for Dempsey, Roberts & Smith. Specifically Reginald (Russell) for his excellence in customer service, kind manner, thorough advice and assistance. He has helped A LOT! I have had my membership now for over 6 years and I am consistently satisfied. They are always prompt at getting back to me, always friendly and I end up with the answers I was looking for. The best money spent for legal advice is with LegalShield and Dempsey, Roberts & Smith in Las Vegas, NV. Thank You!! Best Regards - Jade A.

Dave Matheny has been a reliable, and efficient resource regarding my contracts. Over the last couple of months I have needed major help in getting a number of legal contracts in order and ready to use. I was pleasantly surprised when (almost every single time) I gave Dave a contract, that it was back to me within hours of my sending it. The first contract probably took the longest having sent it to him toward the latter half of the day, and getting it back early the next day. Not only did Dave provide the legal data I needed but went through and found punctuation, grammar, font, and spacing mistakes to make my documents look as professional as he made them sound. Dave is knowledgeable and understanding of what I need, which made and still makes my dealing with him easy and low stress. In short customer service is everything to me and Dave Matheny has gone above and beyond what I expected. Thanks Dave, you’re AWESOME!!! – Trent S.

The purpose of this letter is ... to give praise to Mr. Reginald Russell for the excellent service he has not only provided to me in the past with my many legal questions but in particular the last interaction I had with Mr. Russell. I called the office to have a contract reviewed on Thursday and spoke with Mr. Russell about 5:05 pm (I noticed because it is after “normal” business hours for attorneys so I appreciated that.) I told him my situation about the contract and that I would be signing it Monday morning Mr. Russell told me he would try his very best to get back to me by end of day Friday but to my surprise and delight he contacted me around 11 am on Friday! Less then 24 hour turn around I'm even more impressed he consulted me on the document and made me away of some mistakes in it as well as some typos. (Thanks for that by the way my word processing software wasn't checking spelling for some reason.) I was able to correct the document and now I'm confident when I present it to my client. These are the reasons I am so passionate about being a LegalShield member and Associate. - Jason B.